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Our workshop is a house of harmony and magic. Here miracles are performed, works of incredible beauty are created, carrying a powerful energy charge in themselves.

Before starting work on each picture and mandala the master puts a certain intention in it, depending on the purpose it will serve for. This may be the wish of good health, prosperity, long life, the promise of a better and deeper understanding of the world and ourselves. The artwork is weaved in a particular state, to which the master is adjusted by listening to mantras or through meditation.


This is a mystery, a sacred process in which you plunge without a trace. It is divided into three parts:

  1. First, a drawing is created. It is mental load and mathematical calculation, immersion in mind occurs, a form of future talisman is created.
  2. Next, nails are hammered. During this process, a powerful energy splashes out, the state of emotional release is reached. This is a peculiar physical meditation, immersion in the body and emotions.
  3. Then weaving with thread begins. This stage is the stage of meditative work, relaxing, harmonious state of mind and body.

The master also works while listening to the mantras, candles often lighted and workshop premises are fumigated with fragrances. An atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevails.


For the basics of artworks laminated chipboard is used, yarns are mostly fluorescent (glowing in the ultraviolet), luminescent (glowing in the dark), as well as the silk threads of different colors.

Certain mandalas are weaved with a single indivisible thread, so, the principle of continuity is kept, which is reflected in the smooth flow of life.


Pictures are made in the style of sacred geometry.
Sacred geometry is a set of ideas about the forms and space of the world, its orderliness, harmony and proportionality. Sacred geometry as the geometry of the forms that underlie life is the key to the knowledge of man and the cosmos. It is occupied with how to open the heart and develop consciousness through geometric models. These models, reflect our own consciousness like a mirror. Sacral geometry is the study of geometric protoforms and their figurative relationship with human nature; the doctrine of the smooth, flowing evolutionary changes of mind, emotions, spirit and consciousness, reflected in the gradual transition from one form or state of consciousness to another.

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