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Greetings, dear friend! We are glad to welcome you as our guest.

 The symbolism of thread – the duration and connection – is inherent in the macrocosm, as well as in the life of an individual. For this reason, it is associated with such concepts as “fate”, “life”, “love”, and «memory”. Continuity in time and space, consistency, unity, connection of personality to any of foundations and basics, the small with the great. In the mythology of the ancient Greeks the Fates (the Moirai), the goddesses of fate, spun threads of human destinies, and the longer this thread was the longer and happier a man lived. The thread is a sign of continuity and consistency, as displayed for example, in the metaphor “thread of narrative”. An unwinding tangle can be identified with the passage of time or point the way to salvation, hence the expression “guiding thread”. The motif of guiding thread is widely represented in the myths of different nationalities. Ariadne’s thread helped the Greek hero Theseus to safely get out of the tangled labyrinth of Crete after the battle with the Minotaur. Russian folk tales narrate about a magic clew, given to the protagonist by a good grandmother or a lover, that can lead him or her to any goal, even the most distant one, to the back of beyond.
For the first time in the history of art thread designs appeared in the XVI century in England.English weavers invented a special way of using threads: they hammered small nails into a wooden plank and stretched thread on them in some particular sequence. The result was a laced openwork product, which could be used to decorate rooms. Over time, technology developed and performance became increasingly sophisticated and charming.
In our works, we combined the symbolism of the thread with sacred geometry, which has a huge and strong bond with spiritual practices. Using this combination allows to reach the condition of expanded consciousness, recreating the memory of endless incarnations and human capabilities. Geometric symbols serve as visual tools through which we tune to the harmonious rhythms of nature. Sunrise and sunset and the moon phases, the movement of stars in the sky, the sea ebbs and flows – all of these are natural rhythms. We, humans, are also the epitome of rhythm, and by learning to manage them we gain immortality. Simple regular geometric symbols bestow understanding of life processes, they are like cosmic vitamins that deliver valuable substances to the Soul. Surrounding yourself with such forms and shapes wraps you with universal order and helps us to find harmony and balance.

Have a look into our workshop, and you’ll understand what we are talking about 🙂

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